Orchestrating the capABILITY to INNOVATE, is a core management requirement in order for organisations to, not only survive, but also to flourish in the 21st century.  Today’s businesses demand a deep understanding of the complexity, diversity and motivators of its workforce. “Performance”, together with “Potential” of each employee, and in turn, the alignment of the potential of each employee to the organisation’s business strategy is what will drive exponential value going forward.

Without doubt, innovation begins at the top, the passion begins at the top, integrity begins at the top, work ethic begins at the top and most importantly humility begins at the top.  Once these are firmly embedded at the very top, they must trickle down to each and every employee.

Furthermore, “Intellectual Capital” and its management is the one business asset that will separate the Good from the Great.  Businesses seeking to expand into new markets or grow within their current market will need a high ratio of Intellectual Capital embedded within the workforce.  Intellectual Capital begins with what each individual can bring in the form of knowledge, experiences, imagination, setbacks, culture, training, education, friendships, family life, network, skillset; and we can safely say starts its timeline from the day we are born and ends the day we are no more.  Businesses which genuinely utilise and indeed encourage the growth of Intellectual Capital will be the winners, certainly for the next decade. 


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