Ideas and Formulas for Late Stage Investing

Ideas and Formulas for Late Stage Investing


With VC companies funding businesses for almost 30 decades, the European lower mid-market space is full of investment choices.

The Seed Stage marks the point in a company’s growth where all the initial preparation arrives to fruition and the company starts to acquire customers. Although, this early stage remains at the forefront of conventional VCs, in addition, VCs may put money into the late stage of the investment life cycle, alongside traditional PE investors. The initial, development phases of start-up businesses are usually funded by personal savings, debt, loved ones, friends and perhaps even crowdfunding.
Investors in this space are generally looking for assets which aren’t correlated to stocks and bonds. They are more likely to invest in a start-up if the business has the potential to provide a quick exit to its investors with as little funding rounds as possible, reducing the risk of diminishing returns due to equity dilution. Angel investors are high net-worth individuals that are interested in making private investments into promising businesses.
With VC companies funding businesses in this space for almost 30 decades, the European lower mid-market space is full of investment choices, from disruptive tech, 4th generation tech enabled industrials to companies making an environmental, social or governance (ESG) impact. Environmental, social and governance being the three central factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company or business.,_social_and_corporate_governance

We are an independent & regulated Investment Manager allocating Investor Capital into profitable mid-market companies with a focus on Growth.

By ensuring no conflicts of interest, our business model develops long-term relationships with like-minded business partners including CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Asset Owners, Private Banks and Specialists.

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