From Seed to Late Stage Funding

From Seed to Late Stage Funding


From Seed to Late Stage Funding.

funding-stages-private-equityAccording to an in-depth analysis by Crunchbase, more than 60% of startups dwindle in their fundraising efforts and fewer than one in five venture-backed companies exit via M&A.

Early stage, including seed and series A, funding is on the decline however the size of funds per raise are increasing. Companies which demonstrate a product market fit and show signs of scaling quickly and efficiently have it easier to attract series B funding, with only 26% of seeded companies making this shift. For investors to engage in series C funding, continued growth at scale needs to be in place. Any fundraising beyond series C dilutes even further as companies attempt to manage the growth vs profitability formula.

We are an independent & regulated Investment Manager allocating Investor Capital into profitable mid-market companies with a focus on Growth.

By ensuring no conflicts of interest, our business model develops long-term relationships with like-minded business partners including CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Asset Owners, Private Banks and Specialists.


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