Market Performance

Market Performance


Over the longer term, Private Equity continues to comfortably outperform the public markets.

Private Equity continues to be a favoured investment asset class for Family Offices, primarily driven by its consistent and oversized returns. The number of Private Fund searches were 23% higher in Q3 2018, compared with the second most favoured asset class, real estate; and a whopping 66% higher than the traditional hedge funds. The average Family Office portfolio will invest $88 Million in 2019 (up 30% from 2018) to Private Equity. (campden wealth, nov 2018)

We are an independent & regulated Investment Manager allocating Investor Capital into profitable mid-market companies with a focus on Growth.

By ensuring no conflicts of interest, our business model develops long-term relationships with like-minded business partners including CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Asset Owners, Private Banks and Specialists.


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