Private Wealth in the City

How Private Wealth is Shaping the City of London.

A Tangible Asset Class

Real Estate as a tangible asset class not only acts as a safe haven in times of turbulence, it also aids the diversification of wealth into separate asset classes and geographic regions.  The last fifty or so years has seen an increasing focus on Real Estate as an investment holding.  The returns for some of you may have proven to be exceptional especially, if you managed to predict and execute deals at the right time in the economic cycle.

In more recent times and especially after the financial downturn of 2008, the correlation between private wealth and large real estate transactions has seen a further transformation.  In order to place cash in a safe haven, away from the erratic stock markets, private investors have piled even more funds into real estate. The city of London has seen a significant portion of this investor cash given the surge in the city’s property prices.

Guiding and managing real estate investments is a core part of our business and our experience brings with it longstanding business partners who work with us in order to add further value to your portfolio.