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Private Investments

Ibrahim Schneidawind AG® is a Private Investment company. Investment opportunities are selected and governed by applying a continuous and periodic 360◦ analysis and review process. Strong core values are the heart of what is considered a viable investment opportunity. We use multidisciplinary capabilities in order to assess each investment opportunity. That way we can prepare and teach the new generation to use conscious intelligence to make the right decisions that lead us into the future.

Venture Investing

The European market is well positioned for growth orientated opportunities in the Fintech, Biotechnology, Technology-enabled and Renewable Energy space. We look for companies exhibiting strong growth potential together with sound core values which encourage diversity and inclusion.

Impact Investing

Impact and socially responsible investment solutions. Social or environmental considerations alongside attractive financial returns are an all important topic for capital deployment. As business leaders, we recognise our growing responsibility to society by making a concerted effort to work alongside other businesses which highlight these concerns as a priority.


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Partner Solutions

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No Conflict of Interest

To support portfolio companies to grow.

A Global Network

Given the complex nature of our business, we are focused on building a strong cross-enterprise culture where collaboration and success go hand in hand.

Our Work is our Passion

We are passionate about our work and it is this passion which gives us endless possibilities to imagine, create, decipher and serve you in the most effective way.

Building Relationships for the Long Term

interested in building your business
with no conflict of interest

“our philosophy is to work with like minded professionals in order to encourage and educate people to invest wisely by being in control of their investment decisions; this way we provide you with a truly tailored investment solution without any inherent conflicts of interest”