Investing with Family Offices

Investing with Family Offices


Family offices, the time-honoured providers of private capital.

Family offices are the traditional and time-honoured providers of private capital on the planet. As it stands today, the term “family office” is one that is used in many distinct contexts and carries quite a few different meanings. Given the rapid increase of family businesses globally and the growth of entrepreneurs, professionals and CXOs, in all probability, the number of family offices are likely to increase rapidly over the next decade.
Family offices are generally on the lookout for long-term investments and tend to use multiple strategies to safeguard their wealth. By investing in private equity or venture investments, family offices have the opportunity to get involved with the company thus, proving to be much more than the mere allocation of capital. This type of investing can concentrate the investor focus on aspects like the long-term prospects or ongoing competitive benefits of the company. Family offices can also bring a treasure trove of useful contacts via their network.
Investing in private equity (or venture opportunities) is one of the favoured capital allocation strategies for family offices. Investing via a fund structure is one way capital can be allocated into private equity. However, direct investments are also becoming a much talked about option and is an option which is seeing strong growth in recent years.
Another favoured investment strategy is that involving investing for impact. Here the investment is made with the aim of developing a social and environmental impact together with generating financial returns.

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