Investing for Impact

Investing for Impact


Combining Investments and Social Responsibility

Investing for impact can be originated in all corners of the world, be it within the frontier markets, emerging markets, developed economies, or within our local neighbourhoods. The idea of impact investing is straightforward; that is to put money into efforts which not only offer a return on investment but also target specific social needs. The urge to combine investments and social responsibility is rising at a quick pace amongst both private and institutional investors. As a result, an increasing number of opportunities are opening up for investors trying to align their own financial futures with their desire to make a difference to the planet.
When successfully implemented, impact investments can produce a sustainable pool of capital that can continue to work for generations to come. For example, investments in affordable housing has the capacity to change the lives of those who need stability to further advance inherent skills, education and opportunities. As an impact investor, you need to be satisfied that your investments are solving the problems you feel most passionate about.
Historically, businesses pursued social responsibility more from a marketing and advertising perspective or as a charitable donation. Whereas, now it’s more about the desire to put money into companies which are making a difference and which are acquiring a positive effect. Investors need to consider how likely a company is going to be prosperous and at the same time accomplish an impact. Likewise, regional specific risks may need to be assessed and reduced by diversifying into multiple regions or improving the industry mix within a portfolio. Consequently, risk management is a must, and banks, together with the aid of local specialized partners have a vital part to play.

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