Education Technology (EdTech); making its mark

Education Technology (EdTech); making its mark


There isn’t a country or individual who hasn’t somehow been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But if there’s one silver lining in all of this cloudiness, it’s the fact that EdTech is having a major moment to prove its worth in the school system.


The social distancing measures that shuttered schools and businesses have led families and educational institutions to realise the enormous value of education technology. For many, distance learning is the only option, and they’re now being forced to turn to EdTech companies to help them restructure their curriculum at breakneck speed.

E-Learning: Going From Luxury to Necessity

In a time where uncertainty rules, technology is proving to be the glue that holds “normal” life together, as much as possible. Families struggling with the challenges of educating children, working a job, and handling daily household needs are finding that EdTech is helping to fill in the gaps.
Even those who never wanted to embrace remote tech are now learning how to leverage it. These technologies have become necessities, the only path forward in a world that temporarily no longer exists as we knew it.
And while EdTech tools like remote learning programs, conference software, video tutorials, online tests, and self-guided learning modules may never fully replace the classroom, it’s hard to argue against the value these tools will continue to have when the class bell rings once again. They’re solutions that prove education can continue in the face of widespread pandemics and during personal circumstances for individual students alike.

Will EdTech Investments Continue to Grow Post-Pandemic?

It’s highly likely that once pandemic conditions improve and children go back to school (as early as next Monday, in Switzerland), we will see the investment in EdTech as the new norm. Schools now realise the need to have a flexible system that can deploy education remotely at the push of a button so that productivity isn’t lost and chaos doesn’t ensue.
And even though investors were already piqued in this niche, coronavirus has announced a new argument in favor of EdTech. It’s the key to driving widespread change in a way that’s scalable and affordable — the only burdens to institutions are to make it functional and accessible.
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